I was big into the New York punk and hardcore scene in my teens and one of my favorite bands was H2O. The members of the band had a lot of tattoos and used traditional tattoo style imagery in a lot of their album artwork. Come to think of it, this might be part of the reason why I’m so into tattoos. Pnut Jewelry creates awesome hand made jewelry with a lot of that tattoo punk culture influence. This is because Pnut Jewelry is Rusty Pistachio, guitar player for H2O.

The piece you see in the pictures is a necklace I bought years ago which was a collaboration piece he did with MADE or DCMA Collective which was a clothing brand of the Madden brothers from Good Charlotte. I mean a cassette tape, how cool is that? Rusty uses sterling silver in most of his pieces and this cassette tape charm is made really well. I’m particularly impressed by the craftsmanship and the amount of detail Rusty puts in to his pieces.

Pnut Jewelry is definitely another man friendly jewelry brand with a lot of cool pieces that you won’t find elsewhere. Brass knuckles, switch blades, cupcake charms and all, Rusty makes all the pieces himself. If you live in the New York City area H2O is playing at Terminal 5 with Rancid on September 17th and 18th! I am totally pumped for this show but get your tickets quick because the Friday show is already sold out!


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