Tim Lehi



Tim Lehi’s colorful and intricate works jump out of pictures and speak for themselves. Suited perfectly for the dynamicity of skin, his tattoos paint a world of fantasy onto an otherwise blank canvas. Stylistic influences from both traditional and Japanese style tattooing meld together, and work off of each other, combining motifs such as the classic traditional tiger with the swirling cloud formations and dragons notably seen in Japanese tattooing. Lehi’s greatest strength appears to be the amount of detail he is able to infuse into his work, without making these pieces seem overdone.

Steady and clear line work builds stability into these otherwise complex tattoos. Often working with large surface areas such as a person’s back, the artist has the creative ability to build a “scene”, complete with a color scheme, background, and subject. Amazingly, the pieces are easy to get lost in, without losing their audience. Lehi’s penchant for filling the space of the human body is truly gifted, as the tattoos all flow with the organic nature of their recipients. This creates a tattoo that almost appears to have a life of its own- able to move and breathe and live within its confines. Tim Lehi is a talented artist in many ways, whether it be through his stunningly ornate tattoos, or his fascinating paintings. His ability to create worlds within worlds, and captivate attention from anyone experiencing his pieces is what keeps the eye coming back for more. Tim Lehi works out of Lucky Wizard Tattoo in Brattleboro, VT.


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