The young highly-talented artist hailing from Toronto that has been beeping on my radar continue to outshine many of the so-called best in the music business. The ‘bipolar sound’, the R&B style of Jahkoy being one that stands out the most. ‘Bipolar sound’ is a form of music that Jahkoy coined, which could be because he sings and raps on his songs at a high level, demonstrating that he cannot be tied down to one specific genre due to the complexity of the songs that are rooted in R&B mixed with the sounds of deep house, 90’s style dance music, hip-hop and everything in between. He can make music, that’s a given, it’s just the way he does it that’s impressive to me. With the amount of versatility he has shown, he could be everywhere on the charts; a perk of being ‘bipolar.’ He has a strong voice that blends well with the selection of instrumentals he uses, and he also raps on the tracks as well, which he also does on this most recent track “Odd Future.”

First, if ‘bipolar sound’ and songs without curses is odd, then we have an “Odd Future” ahead of us, especially if he keeps making music as jaw-dropping as “Hold Your Hand” and the track “Nature” which features young Willow Smith. “Odd Future” has an amazing ambience about it and a mix of what I presume are three beats. Jahkoy has both his traditional ‘bipolarity’ and an effect on his vocals that goes nicely with the beat(s), reminding me of other Canucks I’m a fan of (isn’t Drizzy).

“Odd Future” shows more of an R&B style that leads into a rap section that then transforms into a equally soulful dance track that is easy to listen to. It has a very soulful melody with a vivacious beat and a unique layering of sounds that makes you want to dance to it. It’s still captivating enough to make you want to listen to the words. I can see very chill events that I would love to hear this song at, probably mistaking it for three separate songs.

For your sake, play this around a friend you want to impress or just simply introduce good music into their lives. Having great taste is a plus, and it feels good while helping to keep your senses sharp, like a 3 piece suit with the snake skins (cut my finger just writing that).

I END WITH: This song is beyond impressive. He might be simply showing off his incredible range by having a song with as many styles packed into it as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” did. “Odd Future” can be split into three separate songs which can be great tracks alone. Maybe he should’ve done them separately… or maybe he did it because he’s “bipolar.” In any case, Jahkoy has musical vibrance, an ability to meld genres and be groovy all while incorporating his voice and rhyme skills. These qualities make him a phenomenal talent that you should acquaint yourself with.


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