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On Thursday nights in Chelsea, Manhattan, I, along with many other patrons of the arts, flock to art galleries to see the latest from some of the top artists in the world— and, I should mention, to drink some free wine. This past Thursday, Sean Kelly Gallery presented a solo exhibition of London based artist James White, an incredible painter and photographer with a unique talent. My friend and I made a point of attending, knowing of the artist and his extraordinary painting style. I needed to see what it was like in person.

James White photographs everyday objects laying around his home, as well as simplistic interior architecture which would only catch his eye. He has a knack for making an ordinary scene look like a frame from a film reel, often provoking an eerie feeling reminiscent of the Twilight Zone. Always using black and white, his works are dictated by clean lines, distinct values, and sporadic composition.

The trait that makes him unlike any artist is the impossibility of telling if his works are photographs or were meticulously painted by hand to replicate a depiction of reality; a fascinating art form which must truly be observed in a gallery. At first glance, the gallery appears to be filled with the work of a photographer. It is only when you walk up close to each painting that the pools of grey, white, and black paint can be seen as shapes that look graphic and which trick the eye into assuming the full picture is digital. James White’s ASPECT:RATIO can be seen at Sean Kelly Gallery until March 12th.


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