Jana Jordan Interview



There’s no business like show business, and what a show this business puts on.

Jana Jordan is a veteran of the porn industry. From Penthouse to PornHub, Jana has seen a wide range of productions and the people working on them. Forget shame; “sexy sells” and girls are flocking to the City of Fallen Angels to get some skin in the game and make a name.


NATALIE DURKIN (HIGHLARK): How common is it for people working in porn to feel the need to or want to keep their job a secret? Or is that kind of outdated?

JANA JORDAN: I think it’s outdated now. I think now it’s the opposite. Girls are coming to LA; doing things for free to do porn. When I started twelve/thirteen years ago it was like, ‘I don’t wanna live in Texas anymore, we don’t have any money, my dog is sick. How could I make money really, really fast? You know, porn.’ But, now, people are just like, ‘I’m a porn star ,’ and I’m like, ‘How much did you get paid?’ ‘Oh, I did it for free.’ But, before it was the complete opposite. You try to make sure your family doesn’t find out if you want to live a normal life and you want to make fast money. But now it’s the complete opposite.

NATALIE: So now people are doing it-

JANA: To make a name.

NATALIE: To make a name.

JANA: Which has really hurt the industry just because so many people will come out here and do scenes for free, and so-

NATALIE: It’s not stimulating that economy at all.

JANA: Yeah, it’s not lucrative for, you know, the girls who are coming out here to do things for free to make a name for [themselves] and [they’re] doing it all for free. People aren’t going to pay you what you should be paid and deserve to be paid.

NATALIE: What are most directors looking to shoot and what is most lucrative to shoot?

JANA: When I was first starting out the most lucrative ones were for bigger companies like Penthouse and Hustler, like, the more fancy…there [are props] and an actual set-up and actual idea. Very fancy, costume-y…tons of makeup. Now, it’s more of, like, the reality, girl-next-door kind of thing. Like, you’re walking down the street and and a car comes up and it’s like, ‘Oh, hey, surprise!’ and then we’re having sex in the van kind of thing. So before it was more the upscale, fancy, lots of makeup; now, it’s like, the girl you can see at a show with her group of friends; very [normal].

NATALIE: So more naturalistic.

JANA: Yeah, like reality porn, I guess.

NATALIE: When you’re on set – you’re working – do you feel a sense of artistic integrity and agency or is it really more like, ‘I’m here to please the director and then I go.’ How much of a handle do you feel like you have or how much control over a scene do you feel like you have?

JANA: In the very, very beginning I was just doing what the directors wanted me to ‘cause I was new and starting out and they don’t know you and you just want to please them ‘cause if you please them they’re going to get you more jobs and you’re going to get a better reputation and more people are going to book you. And I think now that I have a name I can put my two cents in and they’ll listen. I’d say now it’s fifty/fifty or even seventy-five me and twenty-five them.

NATALIE: So you definitely had to work to get up to that point of being like, ‘I have a suggestion about this scene’ or ‘how about we try it this way?

JANA: Definitely.

NATALIE: Does the director have something very specific written in the script or do you guys try different things out?

JANA: Usually if they have an outline they’ll send it to me and they’ll say, ‘What do you think about this; do you have any suggestions?’ Most of the time they’ll go with whatever I’m saying because they’re following an outline. And, to make it my own they ask for my input. So, for the most part, they come up with a general idea or a few different ideas and I get to pick one and go with it; ad-lib with it.


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