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The girl you can watch online having sex for twenty minutes could live in the house to your left and may have been filmed in the house to your right. Welcome to The Valley.

Silicone Valley. San Pornando Valley. Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley is the mecca of the sex industry, which adult film star Jana Jordan has been working in for twelve years.

Part I of “Sex and the City of Angels with Jana Jordan” takes a closer look at the porn industry’s relationship with the rest of the City of Angels.


NATALIE DURKIN (HIGHLARK): When you started doing [webcam work], did you immediately associate porn with LA or did your mind go somewhere else? Are they synonymous in any way?

JANA JORDAN: Well, in Texas they don’t really shoot porn. They have independent people that do a [shady] style [of porn]. Playboy is out in LA, Hustler is in LA…The main companies are all LA. So, I figured if I wanted to do it [legitimately] I’d have to go to LA.

NATALIE: Why do you think [Los Angeles] is the ideal place to shoot [porn]?

JANA: Just because the companies in LA are legit and that’s where all the photographers are. All the agencies are in LA and all the models all say they’re from California.

NATALIE: Do you think there’s any crossover with – I mean – I’m sure there’s a lot of crossover with Hollywood, but, do you deal with that at all? How much do you see [a relationship] between the two?

JANA: Well, I guess in the past ten years there’s been a huge relationship just because Jenna Jameson came out and she went mainstream. She was on the Howard Stern show and [in] his movie Private Parts. And then she started doing more independent films and, when that happened, a bunch of other porn stars started acting in movies. [In] Zac and Miri Make a Porno there’s a cameo by another porn star. So a lot of them started going mainstream. [Eminem used] Jenna [and] Janine [Lindemulder]. So, a lot of bands started to pick out porn stars and put them in videos. A lot of them were dating them, too.

NATALIE: Why do you think that is? Why do you think rock stars are so drawn to that?

JANA: I just think because they’re fun to hang out with. They’re – what’s the word – controversial. Like, it’s headlines. It, you know, gets attention.

NATALIE: You said girls are moving to LA now to shoot porn and they want to be able to say like, ‘I’m a porn star,’ even though they’re doing it for free. So, if there’s such a big draw to do it, why do you think it’s still so taboo and people don’t want to really talk about it when it’s such a huge industry here?

JANA: It’s going to go back to people’s roots and religious beliefs. It’s like, you know, the abortion thing. It has nothing to do with the industry and how big and lucrative and how liberal LA is; you can’t change people’s independent thoughts and beliefs and the way that they were [raised], you know, their roots. Like, no matter what, abortion’s always going to be an issue; the race card is always going to be an issue. I’m from Texas so I completely understand the abortion [and] the race thing, the porn thing – I mean, I totally get it. I have friends in Texas [who] are still my friends no matter what I do but no matter what I’m not going to be able to change their minds just because of how they grew up and that’s okay, so, unless everyone starts getting brainwashed and starts thinking for themselves it’s always going to be taboo, no matter what. Which is fine.

NATALIE: It’s so weird, though, because if you go over the hill to Hollywood and a really famous actress does a sex scene it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s amazing.’

JANA: Yep.

NATALIE: I don’t get it.

JANA: I know, and it’s just…it’s funny because people follow the herd. If that’s an okay thing at the moment, people are going to be okay with it at the moment. And, in the media, if it becomes a bad thing then people are going to go with the media; ‘Oh, it’s a bad thing now.’ Those kinds of people are the ones [who] keep it taboo. So, whatever’s happening at the moment, those people are going to go with it.


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Jana Jordan
Photo by Tammy Sands