Every once in a while a piece of music (in this case, a work of art) comes around and rewards the faithful for their days and hours spent without it. That time has come as Live North Hollywood is the album we (music lovers) want, need, and deserve. JMSN brings with him a sound of southern soul, smooth jazz, and a heart of rhythm & blues.

From the instrumentals to the vocals, it’s a kind of ‘get comfortable, maybe in a warm bath, and let Calgon take you away’ kind of vibe. The listener is treated to unmistakable beauty in songs like “Fuck U” which deliver interest-piquing wordplay and subject matter, along with the ‘pouring my heart out’ kinds of lyrics throughout, which can easily make one forget about the quality of the voice behind them.

The band gets a few moments here and there that just feel like a good breeze on a warm beach. In “Cruel Intentions,” high notes reach their apex and seemingly float along like clouds. Clouds that stand to be admired amidst a picturesque bright blue sky because; this entire experience is one great big beautiful day.
With North Hollywood, JMSN has come out to play and supplied the sunshine. It’d be a shame if you didn’t join him.

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