“Now’s the time for unity, compassion, togetherness… let the funk flowww” As timely a message as any because yes! Lettuce was in the buildling. The band was there too and with them came the most epic big-screen quality film scores, mellow jams, and head bobbing collection of music to be found in one place.

When I wasn’t taking in the scene at the gorgeous Playstation Theater, or people watching, I found myself standing, clapping, and wishing I could whistle like this dude in the upper rows who I’m pretty sure came out solely to say, “Hey look at me everybody, I can whistle” and make me jealous. But I digress.

The first half of the set, which got going at 10, featured songs that felt like they had walked directly out of a Hollywood action flick and into the speakers. The second half was peppered with soulful vocals and felt like a medley of original tracks and iconic funk classics.

With the range, rhythm, and smoothness that Lettuce brought, I can’t imagine that Quentin Tarantino could have heard them and still made the decision to retire. It’s well known that I’m not a dancer and I’m not much of a mover in general. but, with this band you will find yourself swiveling in a chair, bouncing alone in an elevator, or losing control of your limbs somewhere you hadn’t planned to like I did before I realized what was going on.

Needless to say, I was in the swing of it and, I now think I’m a 70s film hero with a muscle car whose afro is growing in as we speak. Lettuce offers a little, if not a lot, of everything. Just maybe not enough to go around so, you really shouldn’t pass. 😉



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Lettuce live Playstation Theater

Photos © Henry Rodgers. All Rights Reserved.

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