Jukebox Playlist Vol. 16



New York ain’t dead. Poetry ain’t dead. And “Hip Hop ain’t as dead as it looks.” In case you forgot what flawlessly crafted, socially topical poetry sounded like, Talib Kweli and Style P dropped “The Seven” to wake you the fuck up. For ‘Nine Point Five’ these New Yorkers reunited The L.O.X to “shake the world up” and throw it some shade in the process. Kweli starts Nine Point Five with the verse “As time goes by, an eye for an eye/That’s the best way to keep everybody blind.” From that point forward, these New Yorkers fervently address Standing Rock, Climate Change, Donald Trump, education, alternative facts, criminal justice reform, racism, social media and consumerism, Black Lives Matter and The Resistance, as only New Yorkers can.



As festival season approaches, so does amazing new electronic music. Fresh off the recent release of his huge collaboration ‘Feel Good’ with fellow EDM producer Gryffin and Grammy Award winning vocalist Daya, Illenium has come back to blow us away with another astonishing track in 2017. Illenium worked with singer Kerli, and returned with ‘Sound of Walking Away’ which dropped on Monday and EDM fans have it on repeat.

The Colorado native, Nick Miller, better known by his stage name Illenium, is one of the hottest upcoming electronic DJ and producers in the game since the day he debuted in 2013. In just 4 years, he is now touring the world while performing his multi-million streamed remixes and originals. The Denver-based artist has created another unique and signature track with ‘Sound of Walking Away.’ A collaboration with Estonian vocalist Kerli, this track has a gradually climbing acoustic guitar build up and breaks into a unique powerful signature Illenium drop. His ability to create an immersive emotional experience of highs and lows, and a capability to connect to the heart, has listeners astonished. Keri’s vocals are easily recognizable within the EDM culture due to her previous collaborations with artists such as Seven Lions, Benny Benassi, and SNBRN. This co-write with Illenium is a combination of robust emotive chords and powerful vocals, ‘Sound of Walking Away’ will be an instant favorite for Future Bass fans.



This is the time of year where music drops and bands head out on tour, and San Fermin’s “Cairo,” I imagine, is the perfect live music song. Crowds will go wild the moment they hear the rousing drum and quickly get silent as they sing along to the fast-paced lyrics and extremely catchy refrain, “Cairo come back home/Twenty-eight days of delirium/Three is a crowd and two is in love/But I can’t sleep alone/Cairo oh my soul/Twenty-eight nights and now I’m low/Can’t get by and I can’t let go/And I can’t sleep alone”



Juanes, who lately I’ve dubbed the Latin Andre 3000 as every track he touches is an instant banger, is back at it again with a new visual album in the works ready to drop May 12. Until then, we’ve been blessed with a single and video off the new record that features none other than upcoming dream queen Kali Uchis. The Colombian duo have matched up in this song about a whirlwind love affair gone sour that will have you dancing at every listen. I have not been able to stop playing this song since the first spin, and I am not mad about it. The people who have to watch me dance every time its on though, might have a different opinion.



I first heard of Bishop Briggs this past March at SXSW. It was my last night in Austin so I decided to drink more than the previous nights. Two of my colleagues who will remain anonymous also participated — it wasn’t their last night. If you have ever been to SXSW you know some nights you choose to stay at one venue. The alternate is to try and see a bunch of bands and probably end up missing everything. Bishop Briggs was sandwiched between Minus the Bear and Marian Hill. Half way into their first song Sarah Grace McLaughlin’s, or That Girl Bishop’s, microphone went out. Just prior That Girl Bishop told the Austin crowd it is always been their dream to perform at SXSW. She made a point to tell the crowd that she was nervous. When her microphone went out the crowd erupted in cheers to lift the band up.

What happened next is why I have chosen “Dead Man’s Arms” off of their recent EP for this week’s jukebox. Bishop Briggs absorbed the crowd’s energy and performed one of the most passionate, genuine and down right awesome sets I saw at SXSW. If there is one song off their new EP that epitomizes Bishop Briggs and the awesome set they delivered on an awesome night, it is “Dead Man’s Arms.” I have listened to them numerous times since Austin and know it wasn’t jut the liquor making me fall for them. Bishop Briggs is here to stay and I suggest you get on board early.  Listen to it. Let it soak in. Purchase their just released EP and enjoy it.



If you know me, you probably have heard my slight, totally healthy obsession with bad ass chick band MUNA. After discovering them at the YouTube Music activation at SXSW in 2016, it was an instant “where the fuck have you been” moment as the multi-instrumental members lead singer Katie GavinJosette Maskin (guitarist), and Naomi McPherson (guitarist), PERFORMED – and when I say perform I mean what rock n’ roll is supposed to be. Passion rolled off every word. Love for the game was seen in ever synced jumped and leg kick. Appreciation for the thrill was exchanged in every smile the best friends / bandmates exchanged.

Realizing later that it wasn’t a personal discovery kept secret, but that Tiesto actually did a deep house mix of their (best) song “Winterbreak” (original is better), it all totally made sense. These artists are way too talented to be kept on my private playlist. Excitedly, I caught their set again at SXSW this year when they energized the stage at the Twitter House… was obviously not disappointed. A year under their belt only made the band more comfortable on stage to shine their true selves and actually hear the audience sing back their songs to them this time! Fuck yeah – must be the greatest feeling.

So it was no surprise that I fan-girled about their first official album release ‘About U’with my favorite tracks “Loudspeaker”, “Winterbreak”, and the newest track you need to hear… ‘Around U’! All are perfect examples of how intelligent this band is. Sure they can fall into the electronic pop category as every track will make you dance even with the serious of meanings, but lyricist Katie is giving you meaningful, powerful words that still are catchy and support female empowerment. Screw the 1 syllable, repetitive choruses of the pop world about hitting the dance floor. We need some genuine soul in our fresh dance tracks!



Doc Robinson, the duo consisting of Jon Elliot (The Floorwalkers) and Nick D’Andrea (Nick D’ and the Believers), has released “Slip Away,” a single from their debut full-length album due May 19. “Slip Away” hooks you right from the start with its doo-wop scatting and continues to get more catchy–which you’d think wouldn’t be possible. A soulful tune, it’s elevated by subtly complex piano riffs and talented trumpet plaung. D’Andrea, who co-wrote “Slip Away” with Elliot and bassist Seth Bain, has said “One of the most unique things about this track is that most of what’s on the final recording was laid down in the first demo session. It’s not often that it works out that way, but we ended up falling in love with a lot of the original tones and textures and ended up sticking with them till the final mix.” One listen and you’ll definitely fall in love with the song too.


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