Man Repeller has christened her Instagram account the “Best Ever,” and Vogue calls her “Instagram’s Favorite Illustrator.” But Julie Houts, A.K.A. @jooleeloren (and a J.Crew womenswear designer, not to mention) hasn’t become renowned on the Insta world for her delicate, glamorous drawings of fabulous fashion. Rather, her illustrations are hilariously accurate portrayals of real life, embarrassing moments, or conflicts–usually what we wouldn’t dare share on social media. Examples include: the feeling of expecting to become a fit god after working out for a week and a half, or of the stark feelings of inelegance and clumsiness that become apparent at mature (fancy) functions. Her posts will nearly always guarantee a loud “HA!” that startles the passengers next to you on the L train. Plus, her illustrated doppelganger is best friends with a rat. What’s more New York than that?


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