Last Friday, Adam Friedman released his new EP Green which includes the song “What If’ which he will be performing on The Bachelor tonight! Although I don’t watch reality shows it’s pretty obvious just from the song title why that song is a perfect fit for the show. Interestingly it is also a question that Adam needed to ask himself, not about his love life but about his career. Adam’s career started as a songwriter and collaborator for Mike Posner, which has led him to write songs for films and other artists. All was going well until one fateful night a friend of his asked, “Do you want to be an artist?”

For Story XVIII, I sat down with Adam to talk about his musical journey which actually started from his desires to become an artist. Life of course works in mysterious ways and his entry into the music industry was unintentionally via writing songs for others. The answer to the question his friend asked is clear, but whether it’s writing for himself or others, the reason he wakes up in the morning is for the joy and excitement that the process of creating brings. I really had a great conversation with Adam as we traded stories of our careers, mine as a photographer and Adam as a songwriter and artist. It became clear that this question is something that comes up often in both of our lives, what if?


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