Valentine's Day Looks


Valentine’s is an interesting holiday— it’s either loved or despised, depending on who you ask. For those with a “Valentine”, it’s a great opportunity to remind them how much you care. For those without one, the overwhelming amount of love in the air can make it feel like “Single Awareness Day” instead.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s day shouldn’t be dreadful. It shouldn’t be only about romantic relationships either. Valentine’s is about celebrating love in general—whatever form it may come in. And what better way to feel loved than to treat yourself with a kick-ass outfit?

Now, an all red ensemble for V-day may sound like a snooze. But this season, the runways proved that monochromatic looks of reds and pinks can be magical when done well. With trendy silhouettes and fabrics, your red- hot ensemble will be everything but basic.

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Valentine's Day Looks


We’ve featured this silhouette before, when the lingerie as daywear trend took over last year. Just this weekend at NYFW, several designers kept the trend alive with their own blush-toned take.

Thankfully, there are a lot of similar pieces already on the market. If it is red or pink, and super silky, it will do the job.


The runway is no stranger to androgyny, and more recently, the erasure of gender entirely. This particular style has been popping up all over, as the epitome of gender-neutral class and elegance.

Going with a tailored trouser or blazer can refine any look. And these pieces don’t necessarily have to be “masculine”. That being said, if you feel you want to add some “femininity”, that’s where the accessorizing comes in handy. Try some killer heels and a statement bra underneath.


One of the only good things about the frigid coldness is that it grants the ability to wear heavier fabrics. And nothing screams romance quite like velvet. This weekend, pink and red velvets kept the drama and intensity alive in New York.

With velvet, your best bet is a medium toned color. Too light, and it can easily look unflattering and cheap. Too dark, and it can begin to weigh down the look entirely. Try a bold fuchsia or a strong maroon to keep things fresh and festive.


If nothing says romance like velvet, than nothing says sensual like mesh. It’s breathable, revealing, and slimming. And— it’s all over the runway!

Take notes from Custo Barcelona and Victoria Beckham by contrasting the flowy mesh with a chunky boot. Try something bright and patent leathered.


Looking your best is no fun if you’re not comfortable. If you are a sweater kind of person, don’t force yourself into something uncomfortable this V-day. Anyway, Chunky Knits were all over the runway, so who says you can’t dress up your favorite sweater?

Keep the look fresh by utilizing the monochromatic theme. This way you can sell comfy and cute as fashion conscious.

As you prepare for your V-day festivities, keep one thing in mind: you gotta love yourself too! Wear whatever makes your feel comfortable and confident, and you’ll feel like the best version of yourself. Don’t be afraid to error on the side of cheesy. After all— this is the one day of the year where it is encouraged. Happy Valentine’s from the Highlark fam to you!


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