Katzù Oso Wants To Kidnap Your Heart With Narcos Inspired “Secuestro Al Corazón”


Bedroom Pop artist Katzù Oso, the moniker of L.A.-born and bred Paul Hernandez, has fulfilled his promise of delivering new music during this time with his latest release “Secuestro Al Corazón.” The track entwines itself within the softened electronic synths that dance around upbeat 80s pop melodies with a very special new twist. During a period of adjusting to new normals, the singer has introduced his first Spanish language single; available today across all digital platforms.

During a recently held livestream that included chats with a variety of music industry figures, Oso shared the a quite surprising inspiration behind the song, a popular Netflix series. “I was hooked on Narcos and the idea of making a song that captured the intensity of what the show portrayed which is why the title just seemed fitting. “Secuestro” is heard and seen throughout the series so I wanted to capture the emotion of “kidnapping” someone’s heart just as the title says”, explained Katzù Oso.

Hear the Spanish indie serenade below:

This latest single marks the second off Katzù Oso’s forthcoming sophomore EP Colour which is expected to release June 2020 via Cosmica Artists. His reputation of creating his signature DIY, bedroom composed style of music has prepared him for the conditions many artists are facing today in mandated isolation. “Bedroom Pop” as a genre has bred a generation of musicians who have thrived upon the construction of their sound via their bedrooms, Oso turns this into his own by computing his own variant of 80’s synth-driven sound.


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