The Buttertones Get Lost In Rain & Thought For New Music Video “Denial You Win Again”

Photo Credit: Distractor (William Sipos + Sean Campos)

Post-Punk Jazz Outfit Share New Cinematic Music Video

Photo Credit: Distractor (William Sipos + Sean Campos)

The Buttertones have shared their latest video for single “Denial You Win Again” off of their recently released album, Jazzhound. Marking the third music video to come from the project, the visuals (directed by Distractor, William Sipos + Sean Campos) are “focused around two concepts. The first being the state of denial, its duality, as in its ability to make complete and no sense at the same time.  The second being that rain looks cool.”

The song narrows on the more sultry end of the bands classic surf meets punk rock sound utilizing their dark and dazed guitar riffs and drum melodies. Frontman Richard Araiza pulls out a hypnotic vocal performance only strengthened by the lyricism that make even the most complex emotions feel eerily and hauntingly beautiful. Check out the single + new music video below!

Earlier this month, indie darlings The Buttertones released Jazzhound which encompassed one of their most ambitious, but fully realized albums to date. The 10-track album masterfully combined their signature and key ability to blend surf, garage and punk rock influences while trekking them down a new darker and enigmatic road that culminates in instant mesmerizing album.

Also turning towards new territory, Jazzhound marks the first album for member and prior drummer Modesto Cobiån stepping into his new role as a full-time guitarist, an adjustment created as a result of a serious health concern late last year which halter the bands planned summer tour. Now, thankfully in better health and spirits the multi-instrumentalist was behind the writing for the drum parts that were played by session musician Paul Doyle. The album also marks the first since the departure of guitarist Dakota Boettcher as well.

On the recording process, Araiza proudly shares “We really worked our asses off on this one.” He continues to share via press release that The Buttertones are already excited towards doing it all again and making another record soon—after they tour the world, that is, making up for the lost dates last summer, and then some. “It feels like we’re still climbing.”

Jazzhound is out now via Innovative Leisure across digital platforms. Take a listen to the phenomenal album below:


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