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I found this really cool space to shoot in so naturally I was excited to have a session scheduled. It was the second day shooting with Keirstin Miles, another great model I have had the privilege of working with. This room had a unique vibe different from the studio we shot the day before which was more lifestyle oriented. This time we were going glamour and her outfit needed to match the mystique of the environment. We needed sexy, and Agent Provocateur is always on point and the same is true for their more affordable line L’agent. My stylist Vanessa and I went with this sexy yellow set by L’agent for this room. The color worked great against Keirstin’s skin and as always we had a blast.

Keirstin Miles Highlark

The room had these double doors where the sun light shined through. Interestingly, it wasn’t really sun light but a giant soft box nestled in the closet imitating it. It let you adjust the light intensity and I started the shoot having her in front of it in various positions. She was backlit for most of these and I loved how just enough light bled to the front of her body which kept her from being a complete silhouette. I also had Vanessa hold up a reflector from time to time to just give her a little bit more light in the front.

There were so many cool things in this space so I had a lot of options. I am a sucker for mirrors so I had to take advantage of the ones that were in the room. There was the big one above the “bed” thing (pretty sure there is a proper name for it) and a smaller one on the opposite wall, so I was able to get the double mirror action which captured Keirstin both from the front and back.

The last shots I had in mind were in front of the giant mirror. The color yellow on Keirstin’s lingerie was actually chosen because of the purplish tone of the bed thing. Purple and yellow of course are complementary colors so I though it would really pop in front of the lens. We were pretty much done, but I really wanted to use this cool sword somehow. It really didn’t make sense for her to be holding it, but maybe not…. if she’s levitating! I actually was planning to do one levitation photo with her but the sword was the perfect prop to put it all together. It was the first time doing the levitation in a glamour setting and this space was perfect for it.


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Keirstin Miles Highlark

 Styled by Vanessa Lee / Photography © Sonic Highlark. All Rights Reserved.

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