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Brooklyn’s electronic music scene is getting a sizzling degree hotter this summer with the launch of a brand new music and arts event L A S T L I G H T with its inaugural episode on Saturday, July 28th (*date change from flyer) on the famous Rooftop at Output! As if there wasn’t enough local raw talent in the thriving NYC underground scene, LASTLIGHT is infiltrating our mecca with the introduction of supreme European talent that are the brothers Brenn & César, hailing from Paris. As the resident DJs and curators behind this new event series, Brenn & César have brought years of reputable mastery from their presence in the Paris underground with them to their new musical playground of Brooklyn with passionately open hearts and arms.

Brenn and Cesar

While catching up with them, we learned that Brenn & César adorably started playing music together at a young age in middle school triggered by a family history in classical forms of music heightened by deep roots in their French Caribbean culture. Fast forward to 2010, the two started officially spinning as Brenn & César paving their way through the Paris underground scene with warm-ups, then eventually earning residency at the clandestine 12Club Parties. Their live set performances are now distinguishable through a unique sound that Brenn describes as, “Right in-between Berlin Techno & UK House while always keeping it groovy.”


Upon moving to Brooklyn with only handful of personal contacts last year, Brenn & César have spent the past year acclimating and organically meeting like-minded souls and collaborators like Kimberley Brown and Ryan Mulcock who are the main LASTLIGHT event organizers, allowing them to permeate the scene with the impactful debut of LASTLIGHT. In attentively curating the lineup, the brothers will be presenting us with a killer night featuring Salinger with friends from established Brooklyn underground collective The Deep, HD b2b Peter Fonda, Andrew Greenfield, and of course, Brenn & César themselves.

The added bonus of the night will be a stunning live performance by Brooklyn-based electronic synth pop outfit COLOR WAR made up of vocalist Lindsay Mound and producer Billy J with live visuals collaborator, Brandon Sciarrotta. The night’s carefully planned progression by Brenn & César has slotted COLOR WAR’s “Lust in space” show in the middle point between the earlier slower tempo sets and the ladder harder and heavy hitting sets. Check out this phenomenal remix of the band’s “Hallways” track by the brothers as you eagerly anticipate July 28th’s festivities:

Watch out Brooklyn, your summer is about to get the “coolest” Parisian sizzle!

Early Bird tickets at $12 are already sold out,
so act fast and grab your advance tickets for $16.

The brothers filled us in on a hot tip by revealing an upcoming release of a short film documentary “Microcosm” directed by Nicholas L. Kane, which features live interviews of them and multiple artists, producers, and event organizers. The short film will surely paint an illuminating original picture of the Paris House and Techno scene, and we will be sure to keep you up to date on this exciting release scheduled in a few weeks’ time.


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