Marco Pave Live Highlark



It’s not often I get to speak with the talent before a show, and it’s even more rare to speak with them after, but Marco Pavé was an exception. The idea of exceptionalism would present itself as a theme of sorts as, through the music, I experienced Marco to be an exception to the standard of youth in this era of hip-hop, and exception to the current formula for insta-success.

Marco Pave Live Highlark


An emerging artist from Memphis, Tennessee, Pavé didn’t leave home without his charm, flair, and humility; which were all on full display at Friends & Lovers. What you don’t get on the surface, until performances of “Cake,” and blistering verses over classics like Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones,” is the passion and fire that make it possible to play to a small group at a local bar as if he were in front of thousands under bright lights.

While taking a few minutes to intro each song, Marco spoke of his motivation to make it in the industry and escape the hardships that had come from the old neighborhood. Other topics, which were often the subject of the tracks that would follow, were the success of “Black Tux,” his humble ambitions, acquaintances, and loved ones who’ve unfortunately been lost along the way. This aided the already on-point storytelling, and engaged the audience on a deeper level. I left relating to the artist’s humanity and hoping that his hard work and genuine good vibe pays off big.


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Marco Pave Live Highlark

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