Max Styler is only 19 but he is making some really sick tracks already! His EP “Aftershock” was released few months ago via Dim Mak Records and it’s still in regular rotation on my playlist. This EP is a nice showcase of his abilities, starting off with the Progressive House title track Aftershock then moving on to the Electro House tracks D2B, Optimus and Redline. The last three tracks are labeled in the Electro category, but it’s not exactly that. I get a little Dancehall vibe and Optimus and Redline in particular are just so dope in my opinion. Redline was our Music Pick when the EP first came out and it is the best track on here for sure. I believe it’s still available as a free download on his SoundCloud! I’m looking forward to more from Max and this is a really great release by Dim Mak.


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