I recently completed Stephen King‘s “It” — it was pretty entertaining and a definite recommend for people that like there horror with a touch of the literary, or perhaps their literature with a touch of the terrible.

The thing that made “It” great weren’t the depictions of horror (although those were great, too), but the way that Stephen King spent much of the early portions of his book helping the reader really get to know the characters.  Though I never became emotionally engaged enough to cry over the characters’ misery, I felt as if I was with them for the ride, and quite the ride it was.

The visuals King paints with words are both haunting and realistic — they make you feel as if you’re actually there.   Considering that “It” is one of King’s longest novels, readers won’t be disappointed when in the middle of the book they find themselves wishing it won’t end; of course, it does come to a satisfying end, but not too soon — nor too late.


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