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Melow Perez defines things in geometric terms, possessing an uncanny ability to unpack images to their skeletal core then fill them back up with shadow and dimension. Mandalas, a spiritual and ritual symbol, are a specialty of his. Perez is able to extend his familiarity with these patterns into almost any other design.

Melow’s tattoos appear to reflect light. His artistry is a showcase of technical proficiency that is rare in any medium, which serves as a contemporary take on the power of ink. With an undeniable and modern style, unique in its linework and composition, works by Perez project a vintage, old-world feel.

Some of his designs are reminiscent of tarot cards, employing a da Vinci-like astrological symmetry. Others feel digital, as they are so mathematically correct that they fall right in line with the computerized accuracy we have grown to rely upon.

Your eye is led around the image along lines culminating in vanishing points and down endless spirals of gradient. Every dot, every dash, and every curve is a product of patience and blessed perfectionism. Beginning with the end in mind, the artist renders a solid, thrilling tattoo. There’s a subtle, metaphysical theme reverberating through his work.

Melow’s mandalas are representations of the universe; cosmic yet terrestrial, ancient yet innovative. They offer a classic visual interpretation of an incomprehensible entity, providing earthly answers to eternal questions.

In addition to mandalas, his portfolio consists of images that are scientific in nature, like his highly thorough renderings of insects, which are like illustrations from a beatnik biology journal. Among the many finds as we get to know Perez are hexagonal honeycomb designs which are reflections of molecular structure that further acknowledge the oddity of life and our physical identity.

Through his tattoos, Melow Perez honors the geometric foundations of all that surrounds us. His vision is a process, fulfilled with care and attention to every aspect of the given piece. Math is a language, an art in itself, and Perez immortalizes its complicated allure.


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