Rob Twizz Claustrophobic Highlark Feature


Over the last 10 months Yonkers artist Rob Twizz has been working, he has numerous mixtapes on Datpiff and exactly 10 music videos previously featured on Worldstar Hip-Hop usually under “Yonkers Unsigned” or “Albanian/Croatian rapper.” Race aside, Rob Twizz belongs in hip-hop and is making his name heard whether you like it or not. As for city wise, allow me to give some knowledge on the city of Yonkers known as YO to those properly acquainted.

Yonkers is a large city apart of Westchester County that borders North Riverdale in the Bronx which is the northern-most borough of the greatest city on Earth. The little that listeners and readers would know about this city is that Tyler, the Creator’s biggest song to date might or might not be named after it, and mainly because it is the hometown to more top names than most people know, housing the likes of greats like Jadakiss, Mary J. Blige, DMX and probably least of all myself (for 10 years). Yonkers ranges from suburban to scary depending where you are, and the divide is hard to ignore. Jadakiss said in an interview speaking about his hometown “It’s crazy, it’s dark…if you can make it in YO you can really make it anywhere.” Me endorsing Rob Twizz is saying he can do that and I’m excited for his potential.

Twizz’s most recent project Claustrophobic is worth listening to. Between the intricate beats that he goes off on or what he says during, he is as talented as artists come.

I am simply a man with good taste that know how to write, writing about what they feed me.

– Ki no Haas


OVERVIEW: The first track sounds like when he spoke to Sway from Shade 45, Sway says his name a few times, acting as an intro. Musically it has a lot of the appeal that the radios would jump all over and has a drop in the song that hit and surprised me so much I laughed out loud. He spits all over this track, which the one constant you see throughout the tape, he doesn’t waste his time or waste his lines. Second track the bars start flying out of your speakers a la “Slaughterhouse” on a cool sounding beat. Third is a song about grinding in the financial way called “Awake” that most artists can relate to, and the next song “Lie to Me” has a likable sound and is well-done in it’s production. He appears the most radio-friendly on “Looking At Me Funny” and “Hop in the Back” the latter being my highest rated song. “No More”  isn’t a bad song and I find the name ironic, but the 6th is too strong for the 7th to compete with in this case. Apart from the music, I also like the mixtape cover, showing the ‘box people put him in’ that has written on it “sell out” and “autotune” and “white rapper.” I appreciate the thought put into the artwork as well as the music.

OVERALL: Found this to be a strong showing by someone that carries the heavy banner of ‘Yonkers Rapper,’ words that some wouldn’t dare put together. He has great beats and very strong features that really win me over. For those who disagree, say so and for those who agree let it be known, judge for yourself and for young artists from wherever you may be, stay hungry because they don’t feed closed mouths.

*my grade is the likeliness that I would listen to this, don’t let it affect you.


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