Valfre Highlark Feature


Valfrè is a women’s clothing and accessories brand created by Ilse Valfrè in 2012. Influenced by Mexican origins, Valfrè is a brand meant to capture the essence of femininity, it’s ups and downs and all of the niches that come with being a woman. Their apparel holds many nods to feminist friendly messages with crewnecks and tee shirts donning quotes promoting girl power. Many of their prints are also heavily culturally influenced with many Japanese style silk-esque halter tops and kawaii themed images of ice cream or other similarly cutesy forms.

Their accessories, like phone cases, add a bit of edge to the brand, with cheeky novelty designs in shapes of pop tarts, otherworldly alien pin-up girls, and the hilariously bottled carton of “100% boys tears”. Their other accessories channel skater boy chic with printed 5 panel hats, socks and backpacks that contrast with the more flirty designs they feature to show the unique style the brand posses- pushing normal boundaries of what defines women’s fashion.

By offering traditionally boyish styles and putting a different spin on them, Valfrè empowers women to let their inner selves shine through and break barriers. They also let customers share their love of the brand in their homes with cheeky innocent, yet sexy prints of hippie girls, and exotic sci-fi mermaids, cat girls, and hybrid she-plants and fruits. When framed, these images come to life and add life to any space and personalize a room.

The brand also has cute stickers, temporary tats, and greeting cards, which make perfect gifts or thoughtful reminders of how badass girls can be. Valfrè is a brand that embodies girl power in fun and unique ways that mix satire with straight forward kitsch, perfect for the modern generation’s changing and fluid tastes and needs. This company leads the revival of cool vintage styles for the contemporary day and age.


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