Mild High Club Highlark


Psych-funk group Mild High Club has resurfaced with the release of their sophomore album, Skiptracing. The ten-track record dropped August 26 via Stones Throw, after fans were teased with two singles, “Skiptracing,” and “Homage” a month prior. Alexander Brettin and his bandmates took admirable risks with Skiptracing, exploring multiple genres to carefully curate a smooth, feel-good sound. The mellow, relaxing aura that Mild High Club’s music generates has been significantly remastered since the release of last year’s Timeline. The group’s latest work clears the mind, soothes the soul, and walks the listener through an innovative, abstract experience. That experience is enhanced at any show the colorfully dressed dudes play—they’ve been touring around the world all year in support of their latest jams.


Last Wednesday at Baby’s All Right was Mild High Club’s second time performing in New York on their tour. Since I missed their previous performance at 4Knots, I was especially eager to hear what the group had in store for the crowd. The set began with a trippy first few notes, and the vibrant lights of Baby’s seemed to glow in approval. As an enthusiastic crowd boogied along to the group’s melodic collection of songs, a lyrical, dream-like story unfolded on stage. The poetic musings of Brettin and his pals in congruence with ‘70s inspired guitar made for a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere on the dance floor that evening.

The gems of the group’s discography, including the groovy “Windowpane,” were all touched upon, often with long instrumental breaks in between songs. During these euphoric moments, I felt at ease and closed my eyes from time to time to appreciate the flow of the music. As the set progressed, it became increasingly clear why Mild High Club has been making waves since they first arrived on the scene. The band sits at the core of modern psychedelia—their music provides an escape from reality, allowing the listener to get lost in wild, unimaginable adventures. At Baby’s that night, Mild High Club’s sold out performance did not disappoint anyone present at the venue. In fact, there were satisfied grins as far as the eye could see.


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Mild High Club Highlark

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