Parquet Courts Market Hotel Highlark


It was a humid evening last Saturday in Bushwick, but that didn’t stop experimental rock group Parquet Courts (pronounced par-kay) from rocking out. Performing at the iconic Market Hotel, the New York-based band was fresh off dropping their latest record, Human Performance, and had plenty in store that night for the sweltering crowd.

After both openers, Decisions and Jordonna, finished tearing down the house, it was time for Parquet Courts’ long-awaited set. I was beyond eager to witness one of my favorite bands play at one of my favorite venues—I didn’t care how much sweat was dripping down my forehead. When Andrew Savage, Max Savage, Austin Brown, and Sean Yeaton took the stage at last, I immediately knew I was in for a treat. Soon enough, anthem “Ducking and Dodging” was in full swing, and I found myself thrust into an intense mosh pit—as expected.

Parquet Courts Market Hotel Highlark

Naturally, to show their hometown they meant business, the group concocted a tasteful setlist of their eclectic work. Featuring both new and old songs, the band inspired my friends and I to boogie until we could no longer feel our legs. “Master of My Craft” and “Borrowed Time,” both from their sophomore album Light Up Gold, were particular standouts.

Parquet Courts’ hectic yet poetic sound has only improved over time. The group’s meaningful lyrics, along with heavy guitars and their infamous rhythmic chanting, are what makes the band such a staple of today’s rock scene.

That night, as I watched the J/M/Z train pass by through the windows of Market Hotel, I was reminded why at least one song by Parquet Courts manages to creep its way onto every playlist I construct.


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Parquet Courts Market Hotel Highlark

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