If you didn’t know that iconic post-hardcore band and New Jersey’s own Thursday had not played together in over 5 years you wouldn’t believe it. The band had been broken up due to personal issues that had been brewing amongst each other (Read more about it here).

Thursday Live Irving Plaza

As big and influential as they got, they are human after all. Instead of focusing on the negative things that happened, they realized what they had done together was too much of a special thing. It wouldn’t be right to end the memory of it on such a sour note.

There is no new music, but the band decided to go on tour just for the sake of it, just as friends who did something great together.

Thursday Live Irving Plaza

There are so many bands “from the past” on tour these days, and I have seen my fare share. Many whom I was excited to see, but most couldn’t replicate the energy or emotion that I felt when I had seen them years ago.

I was happy to cover the first of two sold out shows at Irving Plaza in New York City this past weekend, but the honest truth was that I wasn’t expecting too much.

Thursday Live Irving Plaza

I was pleasantly surprised and I felt the rush and excitement I used to feel which was the reason I went to shows in the first place.

They couldn’t have delivered one of the best shows I’ve seen from them had they still been holding grudges with each other.

Thursday Live Irving Plaza

Their banner covered the entire backdrop and was visible from the first opening band’s set. The ends of the banner included these messages.

“Refugees Welcome Here” // “Protect Immigrant Communities”

Lead singer Geoff Rickly pointed them out during one mid set banter, reminding the crowd how important those two things were to the band.

I’m often surprised how often people of influence fail to use their platform and audience to say something meaningful, but that night my belief in the power of music was renewed.


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Thursday Live Irving Plaza

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