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Los Angeles-based artist Morgan Delt has recently graced psych rock fanatics with his sophomore album. Released on August 26, Phase Zero encompasses a dreamy, mind-bending journey. After a two-year break, Delt has returned to the psych scene with a polished, refined sound.

The psychedelic sounds of the ’60s and ‘70s are revived on Phase Zero with a contemporary spin. In comparison to Delt’s self-titled debut, this record brings to the ear a more organized chaos. Phase Zero transcends typical musical confinements, and easily breaks numerous creative boundaries that other artists struggle to surpass.

Each of the ten tracks on the abstract record flows flawlessly into one another, creating a multifaceted, kaleidoscopic experience. This masterpiece of a record is a rainbow of sound—when the listener thinks they have heard it all, another instrumental or vocal surprise is hiding right around the corner.

With each new sound comes a new feeling; the album has the ability to evoke almost every emotion under the sun. Despite being grounded in very real emotions, the concept of reality is nowhere to be found on Phase Zero—a key part of what makes the album so unique.

Delt transports listeners into another universe with his latest LP. From the upbeat reverberations of “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside,” to the mysterious, disorienting ambience of “Mssr. Monster,” one is bound to leave their body while listening. It is as if Delt comes from an extraterrestrial dwelling—the music he has produced drips down the wall and melts into the floor.

Phase Zero is the ideal record to end any remaining summer blues with—trippy, groovy, and a true piece of art.

Lyrics 90% / Music 95% / Production 95%


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