MUSE-ICK! 05/21/15

Music has always been a big part of my life so it only makes sense I bring that to the site. Music Pick or Muse-Ick! will feature few brand new tracks/songs for your listening pleasure. Notice I shortened the word Music to Muse which of course means a source of inspiration. I am so clever, HA! Thank you captain obvious! Anyway, this weeks picks are all EDM but starting next week it will include other genres as well. You won’t get the super popular picks here or the number one songs (unless of course it is just that good), but just solid tunes we think you will like. In this case, Highlark is also for the ears!

Interestingly I have always been a rock guy and went through a hip-hop phase as well but have been uninspired by those genres for several years now. I never thought I’d get into EDM but weird how life works sometimes. I finally get why so many people love this genre and I am glad my love for music is returning. Make sure you BUY the songs if you like them, it’s only a few bucks and musicians need your support, it is very hard to make a living in the arts.


Diplo is one of my favorite producers so of course I love Major Lazer. This song in particular is one of the best dance songs ever! They infuse that reggae vibe so well into something super modern and new, if this song doesn’t make you nod your head you need to get it checked!


It’s always interesting how the sounds being used inspire song titles in EDM. You definitely get the alien vibe in this track. I’ve been getting into these guys a lot lately and this one is one of my favorites by Nom De Strip.


Jordy Dazz is an artist under Substrukt Group which as you know I do some work for. I was able to meet him and do a photo shoot recently which was amazing! The shots from that will be posted soon so keep an eye out! This track is a bit older than the other 2 I posted but it’s such an awesome track I have to share it with you guys. This is the first track I listened to of Jordy’s when I decided I should know the music of an artist I do work for. I was super impressed and bought all his tracks after I heard this. Such a dope track!



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