Nasty Gal Highlark Feature

Nasty Gal is a unique clothing and accessories brand for all lovers of the alternative and shocking. The website makes it easy to shop for any occasion by organizing different pieces into categories like “Party Girl” and “Gift Shop”. The pieces themselves vary in style, from classic high end collections such as vintage Louis Vuitton and Chanel to more grungy choices featured by the brand itself.

The site has many exclusives, such as the vintage lines mentioned previously that make it the place to go if you’re looking to be exclusive with your closet. Accessories and shoes are also featured which make the brand prime for an all encompassing outfit experience.

The dazzling array of clothes make it easy for anyone to find a look that will not only make them stand out, but be confident that it perfectly reflects their personality. Whether searching for a chic cocktail dress, an outfit for a concert, or simply luxe every day wear, the site provides a niche for seemingly everything.

Focusing mainly on laces and interesting patterns, Nasty Gal also nails designs in varying textures that may normally be difficult to find. Looking for sequins, feathers, silk or leather? Search no further, as they are all flawlessly incorporated into these iconic yet classy designs. In addition, there are cuts and fits to cater to every body type, ranging from body con skirts to bell bottom pants. No one is excluded from participating in the Nasty Gal lifestyle!

Nasty Gal is a brand focused on embodying the empowerment of women through the ability to express themselves with amazing clothes. One flip through the beautifully designed mobile app will have you hooked on mixing and matching their designs to find the pair of heels that goes perfectly with that top you love. Quality clothes for the modern woman that incorporates alternative style and functionality is what Nasty Gal is all about.


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