Natalia Fabia


Lover of sparkles, femininity, and color – Natalia Fabia paints incredible portraits and figures. Natalia’s work focuses on the human form, mostly women, and determines to depict each and every subject with the uniqueness they deserve. Whether the oil paintings are of naked or clothed women, each one carries an elegance that is attained by the perfect mixture of different brush strokes, soft facial expressions, and chilling scenery.

The scenery that Natalia paints plays an equal role to the figures and portraits. Natalia creates her own stories within each work by showing how the subject and background interact. The two most common settings in Natalia’s paintings are the outdoors and bedrooms. Many paintings include beautiful women accompanied by sparkling waterfalls or bright green grass – creating a seductive, yet pure experience. The women tend to be naked or wearing few clothes, but it comes off as pure because they look at peace in nature. The women painted inside of rooms carry a different attitude than the women painted in nature. These women are more playful – depicted eating with others and wearing few clothes or colorful dresses.

A personal favorite of mine is titled, “Pizza Party”. Natalia paints a beautiful, dark-haired woman eating a piece of pizza on her bedroom floor. The painting is so intriguing due to Natalia’s use of detail. The walls are covered with framed posters, the bed has stuffed animals and an incredibly pretty doll on top of it, and the woman has intricate tattoos covering her arms. Her expression is so relaxed that the painting feels cozy. It serves as a window into this particular woman’s space. She is comfortably seated on the floor with her legs out – wearing tights and a pink bra. Her outfit combined with her eating pizza draws me in because it is odd subject matter – most people do not associate alluring women with pizza. Like the rest of Natalia’s paintings, “Pizza Party” demonstrates Natalia’s ability to create unique subject matter that makes her audience crave for more.

Natalia Fabia


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