There’s something to be said about music that doesn’t feel over-produced. Sure, I’m a fan of bands that use tons of post-production effects to elevate the experience of their album, however the lack of this demonstrates pure and unaltered talent. No Volcano, a band from Phoenix Arizona, delivers a fun and grungy sound in their latest album, Dead Horse Power.

No Volcano can be classified as parts 60’s garage rock, 90s alternative, and rockabilly. Their sophomore release is a very fun album, one that’ll have you bobbing your head all the way through. Dead Horse Power starts with “Another Angle,” which is a song that throws you right into the grunge sound.

No Volcano Dead Horse Power

Songs like “Going Fast,” which is a pretty chill song despite its name, explodes with happiness as its organ pipe-backed chorus kicks in. “Minds the Brain” is the type of song you’d sing with your buddies, drunk in a bar, with a very mellow sound but that sing-a-long feel.

With no song exceeding three and a half minutes, it’s an easy listen for a good time. If you’re a fan of The Vines, The Strokes, and 60’s rock this is something you should check out. It’s hot, it’s powerful, and it’s No Volcano.