Katzù Oso ‘Colour’s The World Of Bedroom Pop With New EP

Latinx Solo Artist Delivers Vibrant 6-Track EP

“Similar to the cover art ,’Colour’ represents different stories/life experiences, from falling in love while working my day job to going back to the house I grew up in. It’s a reminder to me that life isn’t just black or white but an array of Colour.” 

 Katzù Oso (Paul Hernandez)

In what has seemed to become a mundane, invariant world that has been (in the name of public health and safety) devoid of much of the diverse gradations the day-to-day can bring; Katzù Oso returns with his new EP Colour that brings tales of the everyday to life. Using every song as a paintbrush, the collection turns the monochromatic into an array of tints and hues with every play.

Adding to the exploration of the shades and hues of music, the songs are narrated between English and Spanish while they explore the intersections and intricacies of genres like 80s nostalgia, romantic melodies, synth heavy electro and dreamy bedroom pop.

The EP opens with a heavily upbeat, electro-rythym track “In Too Deep.” A song destined for the dance floor, the striking synths are met with a whimsical vocal track ascending you to Oso’s musical layer from the very start. “Retail Therapy” and “Park Avenue” follows suit on laying on the heavy electro-synth nodes, a trademark of the bedroom pop stars music, but turn down the speed to greet the listener with a slower melody to provide signature bedroom pop love melodies entwined with personal lyrical stories of longing for and being in love. “Secuestro Al Corazon” provides the first Spanish-language track on the EP inspired by the popular Netflix series Narcos. “kiss u better,” the first single released by Oso, is the ultimate feel-good dream pop song you’ll want to keep spinning during your bedroom dance parties this quarantined summer. The EP rounds out with “Los Angeles Lindo y Querido, Cap. 2,” a sequel to a jingle provided for Tecate celebrating and embracing the multi-faceted Latinx culture in Los Angeles. The track is a serenading ode to the city that bred not only the singer, but also bred an exodus of thriving and prosperous genres including bedroom pop and latin indie into the music world.

From longing for love to working your day job to an overwhelming admiration for a homeplace; the EP serves as a joyous and effervescent collection reclaiming contentment and colouring our monotonous and monochromatic lives that have now become our reality (due to circumstances out of our control).

Katzù Oso has reimagined isolation with his latest project and contrived the liveliness and feel good energy that emotive and sonic stylings can bring into our worlds by reminding that Colour exists within all our experiences and stories. With his latest project, he has just allowed us a few moments to be able to dance to his.

Listen to Colour below!


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