ODESZA leaves fans speechless with ‘A Moment Apart’ tour



ODESZA A Moment Apart Tour2018 has proved to be quite an impressive year for Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight of the Seattle based live-electronic music duo known as ODESZA. For starters, they debuted a headlining performance at Coachella in Indio, CA. Secondly, making major advances with the talent on their own record label, Foreign Family. In addition, they announced they would be continuing their A Moment Apart tour for several 2018 dates across North America including a two-night run at legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado. Add 10+ international festival/performance dates and then you start to get an idea about what the ODESZA camp has been up to.

Not only is ODESZA playing countless shows, but they are also delivering a new performance with unique sounds including a two-piece live horn section. There was a wide variety of people attending the show but for the most part was dominated by younger 18-24 crowd. The show was all ages and I did see a few younger kids in attendance with there young, trendy parents. The sold out show at Red Hat Amphitheater brought roughly 4,000 in attendance to downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.

ODESZA A Moment Apart Tour


The entire show felt like a journey starting with the Intro from A Moment Apart the duo’s most recent album. Joined on stage by notable trombonist Scott Flynn and the distinguishing sounds from trumpet player Brennan Carter.

My first encounter with ODESZA was in 2014 in a smaller venue in downtown Raleigh, NC called Lincoln Theatre. ODESZA was opening up for Emancipator Ensemble that night. It really puts their new show in perspective knowing that some of their earlier shows had minimal production whatsoever. It was incredibly impressive to finally see their vision executed with this new live show.

The production for this tour was next level. I was really blown away by the visuals. I felt they had an insersteller feel to them with a twist of modern roman design and architecture with shiny gold colors alongside arches, colomns and angels. Creative director and production designer for A Moment Apart tour was credited to Sean Kusanagi. Lighting on this tour was programmed and operated by the awesome guys at Voyage Productions.

Did I mention the ODESZA Drum Line? A 6-person drumline accompanied Harrison and Clayton on stage throughout the night making it 10 total musicians on stage at one point. I don’t want to give anyway any additional information on the drumline in case you haven’t seen it but let me assure you it is memorable.

ODESZA A Moment Apart Tour

Opening support was provided by Foreign Family roster member Kasbo and the talented singer and songwriter Kimbra.


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