Magma Mind Goes The Distance With Debut EP “Past to Present” [Premiere]

Emerging Sounds of Los Angeles D.I.Y.

Los Angeles based band Magma Mind has released their awaited full EP ‘Past to Present’ after dropping their single by the same name just a few weeks back. Their title track “Past to Present” impressed with its sounds of combined aspects of psych-pop, rock, and funk shortly after its release; and their proceeding full EP is proving to have the same impact.

The band, composed of four long-time high school friends from El Sereno, CA, have graced the stages of beloved local stages like Eastside Luv and La Cita, notorious for housing hometown heroes à la Chicano Batman; festivals like Echo Park Rising and even find their beginnings in working with musical mentors like Grammy award winning Quetzal.

With a sound and production process that took place solely in the comforts of Lead Singer Arturo Guzman Jr.‘s home studio; the final confection of heavy psych and experimental rock is matched by a casual versatility stemming from a local, distinct Los Angeles DIY demeanor.

After a year hiatus from what they self-define to be more of a “live” band; the group had set its sights on recording a full length EP; and it’s release has many fans rejoicing. The group also hints at a video in the process and promises much more to come.

Take a listen to the full length EP “Past to Present” below.



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