Petit Biscuit


Honestly, I am still SHOOK from Friday night. Mehdi Benjelloun, better known as Petit Biscuit, made his New York debut at Terminal 5. He released Presence, his first full length album in late 2017 and played at Coachella — in the Sahara tent (LOVE the Sahara tent), earlier this year. The presence tour kicked off last week in Chicago and travels North America for the next 30 days. So this has been a huge year for the twenty year old (that’s right 2-0).

Brian Burnham / @deathturtle

When I entered the venue during Manila Killa, the opener, he truly set the mood by dropping Can’t Do Without You by Caribou. Being a newly transplanted New Yorker, this was my first time at Terminal 5 and I’m very impressed with the level of production within the venue. Manila Killa played a cute af dj set playing popular chill hits touched with his style. He definitely warmed the crowd up for Petit.

*30 minutes between sets*

Decided to explore. Terminal 5 is a three leveled venue with tons of different viewpoints. There’s the main level/first floor with the large GA area and a raised back area with a bar. Located on the second floor is another view point from the sides. Concert goers sit on the floor and let their feet dangle through and honestly, I was jealous of their cozy spots. The third floor followed suit. After taking a lap around the entire place I decided to start the show on the bottom level with the highly energetic crowd (who was also dressed in Halloween costumes).

*Petit Biscuit logo appears on the screen*

Brian Burnham / @deathturtle

The crowd started to cheer and then he appeared. Now, before I get into his performance i would like to disclaim that I have Presence on Vinyl (signed by him) so I am an actual fan and already came to the event knowing it was going to be good but…his performance blew my friggin socks off. Honestly I’m seriously surprised with the performance he gave. His visuals were tactfully thought out and each song had its own theme. He played the guitar during the chorus of Problems and it was A M A Z I N G. The blue and teal lighting at certain times correlated with the Presence album cover and his cute little personality really stole my heart. He recently released two new tracks, which he is debuting this tour. If you have a chance to check him out, I HIGHLY recommend. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the future.

Photos by Brian Burnham / @deathturtle

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