Porches Be Apart Highlark


“Be Apart,” by on the rise band Porches, is a track that is sure to pull you in from the first listen. Porches is an alternative electric infused sounding group that is making waves in the music industry. Unfolding with an eerily lush synth sound, the song begins simply- a basically catchy tune that develops gradually. The strong rhythmic undertones felt throughout the song helps to ground and tie together the otherwise ethereal music that is easy to get lost within. When the vocals finally make their way to the song, the piece is nicely tied together.

No one element seeks to steal the spotlight from another, and each piece comes together to form a perfectly well balanced piece of music. The singers voice is dreamily mellow, almost vintage sounding which juxtaposes the ultra modern sound of the song in a delightfully thought out way. By the time the chorus of the song comes around, the deceptively somber song has come to life.

The video for the song is also a beautiful piece of art- combining very particular props and setting with notable pop culture references. The video is laced full of nostalgia, set in a house that pokes fun at normal suburban lifestyles. Within however things turn to more of a magical realism theme, as the mundane is transformed into eye catching visuals. Neon colors and tons of symmetry and patterns keep the video interesting and suggest perhaps a deeper meaning. Tons of products and physical representations stroke the mind- like stuffed animals strewn throughout the video. Most interestingly is the beginning of the video when rows of bottled milk are lined up, giving viewers a subtle reference to Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Overall the song is a catchy expose to the talent that Porches possesses and displays that this band is definitely a hot one to watch.


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