Radio Juicy’s 7th-Year Anniversary with Fear And Loathing In Beats

Radio Juicy


Through explosive Instagram stories and shout outs from many Lo-Fi and Jazz Hop musicians, the underground lair of Germany’s phantom instrumental Hip-Hop movement celebrates the 7th anniversary of its own initiation.

Radio Juicy has not yet purveyed the movement since its birth. Although, for the number of artists they’ve procured, from the Bebop remixer Hubert Daviz to the young Boom-Bap scientist 2LATE, the label represents a cadre of proud craftsmen who led the quiet scene since 2012.

Fear And Loathing In Beats is their 50-track celebration, including contributions from both the older and up-and-coming musicians who lent their hand to its growth ever since. From this results in the vast range of dialogues being spoken and colors to be seen.

Each beat in this compilation has its own spell to conjure, but all follow the same outflow in accordance. The compilation is a melting pot of Lo-Fi confectionaries to tastes of sweet, soul candy.

A personal favorite track is Devaloop and singer Samurai Loré’s track, Scions. The sampled piano chords and saxophone loops layer over Samurai Loré’s acapella with almost perfect envelopment, blending the vocals with perfect consistency.

In contrast to the seething melody of Scions is slowya.roll’s bouncy track, Catch Me. The punchy chords come across an array of stamping snares and bubbly sound bits that all ebb immaculately towards a satisfactory end.

Fear And Loathing In Beats is an interesting compilation to delve into, as well as an impressive feat for the German Hip-Hop label that conducted for my sleepless nights during high school and college years.

Congratulations to Radio Juicy and their seven years, and let there be many more years to come.

Radio Juicy

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