Reformation Highlark

Reformation is a brand that is serious about its message. The name itself is a token of their story- an attempt to turn the fashion industry green, one piece at a time. The brand sprouted in 2009 and is based out of Los Angeles, California. Unlike many lines that may mass produce their clothes, Reformation creates them in their own unique factory. Everything about their line has been taken into consideration so as to lessen their impact on the environment. From their use of repurposed fabrics, to solar panels, to LED lighting, this brand is a trailblazer in a cutthroat industry.

Their main medium of selling is through their online site, which additionally reduces costs, and cuts out a middle man. Reformation is serious about its style as well: coming up with fashion that fuses modern minimalist fashion with the 60’s style bohemian look of the flower child era.

Their pieces are definitely well thought out, and customers can rest assured knowing their clothing was hand crafted to perfection. The overall feel of the collections (such as those specifically for New Years Eve, or bridal parties) of Reformation are show-stopping pieces that are sultry, yet classic pieces that pair textiles that mimic silk and velvet to create gorgeously sustainable party attire.

Their range offers a great mix between form fitting and flowing pieces for any body type, even including a line for individuals who are petite. Neutral colors offer flexibility for those with a more refined sense of style, and the quality of the work adds more reason to invest. Dresses from Reformation are floor sweeping, and luxuriously elegant, perfect for any sophisticated gala, or special occasion, and their more casual wear reveals just a touch of skin in tasteful playfulness here or there to ultimately showcase the beauty of feminine, fresh, and organic energy. Reformation offers the conscientious buyer peace of mind, and a stylish wardrobe fit for anyone who loves to treat themselves.


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