Ron English


Paintings, music, sculpture – Ron English’s new exhibition, “TOXBOY: America in the Visuals,” has it all. His work includes bright colored, surreal pieces that embody the elements and energy of a childhood imagination. Each painting offers a new perspective on society, while still being amusing and fun to look at. English’s work is very recognizable to many and celebrated for its distinct mix of extravagance and familiarity. Ron English’s colorful new exhibition will be on display at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles from December 2 to December 30.

Ron English


TESS (HIGHLARK): Hi Ron, it’s super exciting to hear that your new exhibition will premiere this December! Many of the paintings in your new body of work incorporate childhood elements – why did you chose to use such elements in your new exhibition?

RON ENGLISH: Because all the belief systems lock in in childhood. It’s a crucial moment not just for the individual, but the whole society. Creating art that reopens that chapter creates a space to talk about big ideas with the inner child.

TESS: Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from?

RON: I think I learn something from every artist I meet. Even though I am an artist and I know the deal, I am still super intrigued by other artists.

TESS: You are widely known for your incredible pop art creations – what do you find most fulfilling about making pop art?

RON: I like work that is luxurious and inviting, work that very much embodies the soul of its creator.

TESS: What advice would you give to young artists about getting their work out into the world?

RON: First make the work you most want to see. Be in service of the muse, not the market. Don’t be too precious about how you inject your art into the world. Connecting with others is half the battle.

Ron English

TESS: Your new exhibition includes a musical soundtrack – what drew you toward having a musical component for your work?

RON: A movie director will almost always use music to push forward the emotionality of a work. I thought, why wouldn’t that work for an exhibition of paintings?

TESS: Which musicians inspire your work?

RON: I love so much music. That’s really hard to say. I do think music enhances your mental agility.

TESS: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working on an art piece?

RON: I really like the music studio. Family is always great. Travel. Flea markets. I really like the flea markets. Drinking is fun too.


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