Take me back to last Friday!!!! Rufus Du Sol played three nights at Terminal 5 and boy ohhhh boy did they do the damn thing. Rufus Du Sol, an Australian trio, released their latest album Solace on October 19th of this year. They just toured with their new album this fall and I hope to see them on the festival rounds next year! I have a reallllllly special bond with Rufus –seeing their first US show at Coachella at Coachella in the Mojave in 2016. I always catch them when they come to town, this was the second time this year, and I hope (they probably will be) that they’re on the Coachella line up next year.

Their setup was elevated and they’re spread evenly through the stage. The back drop was lined with strips of LEDs that strobe dark purples and whites (which really set the mood , especially since their newer stuff is a little darker in my opinion). Per usual they play all the old bangers – Like an Animal, You Were Right, and of course INNERBLOOM (we all love that one) and also played songs from their new album.

The crowd was pretty chill and for a sold out event – I am glad everyone was on their best behavior because it didn’t *feel* sold out.  It always nice when you see an “electronic” act with instruments, the live guitar and piano melodies really brought out the undertones of the songs.  They ended with an encore and closed out the night with No Place, their first released single from the new alum and an absolute hit.

I’m glad I got to see Rufus (for the sixth time) and I can say that they put on an A++ performance every single time. You’ll never get tired of them and now with a third album, they have a pretty decent sized discography.  Be sure check them out on the festival rounds next year.


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Rufus Du Sol


Photos by Brian Burnham | @deathturtle