Russ Moonlight In Atlanta Highlark


I’ve been dying to review a track by this man because he is without a doubt the best kept secret in the music business. The one man hit maker who gives all of his songs free to download on SoundCloud and he is a talented song maker and producer and he is Russ, and one of his newer banger is “Moonlight in Atlanta.”

In order to educate those who aren’t hip on the good hip-hop, I will introduce you to your new favorite. Russ of the DIEMON crew is the Atlanta, Georgia that stands out in the crowded ATL as more of an artist than an entertainer. Russ is an artist whom doesn’t seek out the spotlight that many in the genre would gravitate to like a moth to a lightbulb, and doesn’t compromise his sound for views or accolades or any form of exposure. His message is simple: produce great music, put it out, listen if you choose, and month after month he drops mixtape amounts of fire that could heat the coldest time zones. Russ makes music when Russ wants to, he is like the Banksy of hip-hop, and his music could make it onto radios and get a great reception but that isn’t his focus, he just drops banger after banger on a weekly basis. Realistically, I could do a Banger! featuring his latest song every week, and I had many to choose from for this week, but I am a man of the people and I don’t want to spoil my readers too much.

His style is smooth yet gritty, melodic yet impactful, soulful yet story driven and other words that sound nice. He does a mixture of singing and spitting, he mainly croons on his songs with his gruff voice acting as the missing ingredient and is entertaining. He is talented in all aspects whether it is song formation, choruses, spitting, singing or producing, and is quietly better than most of your favorite rappers.

“Moonlight in Atlanta” is the song of choice for this article, and it’s another laid-back song in which Russ is crooning over a real chill beat with his ‘cooler-than-thou’ flow that makes you bob side to side and snap your fingers to the beat. “Moonlight” has a significant appeal due to it’s beautiful beat and great pace, but I will now let you all, the people judge for yourselves, however I implore you to delve more into his body of work, because I am no longer selfish with good music. Spread the knowledge and they will learn, make good music and the right ears will listen.

“Do you like the moon? Do you like light? Do you like the South? well you’re in luck”

– lonely writer in his dad’s basement


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