Joy Again Looking Out For You Highlark



Joy Again‘s “Looking Out For You” is a pretty little ditty, nonchalant and mellow in its island- jam honesty. Lamenting yet another hotly imbalanced commitment, Arthur Shea’s vocals carry the screw-it-all twang of the blindsided, those who brush the dirt off their shoulders, examine it with curiosity, and then go off and write a song about it.

After working in Red Bull Studios with Caleb Laven, the band’s sound has reached a new level of polished, and that’s sure to through in live shows. Their limited seven inch, which was released earlier this month on Lucky Number/ Mermaid Avenue also features “How You Feel,” a track similar in content and personality, and is worth a listen, especially if you’re in need of a remedy for the seasonal East Coast greyness.

The band originates from Philly, with a little bit of New York sprinkled in, and has evolved into a solid five- piece, their ages ranging from 16 to 23. Their instrumental and songwriting structure is tight and unwavering, an impressive foundation for a young band, and and a major factor in their gaining steam. Supported by manager Shamir, they’re thriving on simplicity, a bit of intuition, and an affinity for a good time. A real pick-me-up, Joy Again is coming to Palisades in Brooklyn in February.


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