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Savannah Belle English may only be twenty years old, but when it comes to style she has a thing or two she can teach all of us. On her blog and on Instagram, the young hairstylist and artist shows off her edgy style- rich in punk and grunge influences that never lack glamour and sophistication. Rocking a sleek black bob and defying gravity on her platform shoes, Savannah remains true to a minimal style that directs the focus to her silhouette and ultra-feminine looks; dipped in a sober palette of black and darker tones with occasional white and neutral highlights.

Her wardrobe includes many dresses and skirts of all styles, ranging from the playfully short to the dramatically long, as well as mini shorts and skinny pants paired with bodysuits or crop tops. In any case, the sexy factor is always present, with a different emphasis (be it the waist, hips or legs) every time. The body is therefore the real center of attention, which may be why Savannah often opts for mono or bi-chromatic looks.

When she chooses to wear prints, she keeps it simple with classic florals, stripes or plaid, to which she gives a rock’n’roll edge by adding some leather in the mix or combining them with cool accessories (hats, platform shoes, multiple pieces of jewelry etc.). This love of details is what allows Savannah to make subtle statements and effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

Savanah’s sexy grunge look wouldn’t be complete without a very important final touch, the make-up. Dark lips and theatrical eye-liner suit her like an expertly applied second skin. It beautifully complements her feminine and rock’n’roll wardrobe. Like her, experiment with darker lipstick and eye liner – you will maximize the impact by choosing where you want to bring all the focus (eyes or lips) and toning down the rest.

You can never go wrong if you remain minimal and feminine at all times. Stick to a dark or neutral palette and rely on the details to create excitement- a bared midriff, a sexy lace, a rock’n’roll leather jacket, bold make-up or killer accessories. When you master them that good, they cease to be mere details and become defining elements of your style. Wondering how to achieve such mastery in the first place? We asked The Grunge God (that’s her Instagram name, and we have to admit she earned it) for her best advice!


[1] Don’t be afraid to mix styles that don’t typically go together. Sophisticated punk seems like an oxymoron, but can be achieved with a professional blazer, studded choker and black lipstick.

[2] Expose yourself to fashion from all over the world to help you create unique looks that work for you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your box and try something new. Always keep it fresh by adding versatile statement pieces to your wardrobe like a great leather jacket or chunky crystal rings.

[3] A great hat can go a long way and add an easy edge to an every day look, especially if you don’t have time to style your hair!

[4Quit questioning yourself. If you feel good in something, chances are you look good in it. Anything can be pulled off with a little bit of confidence.

[5When in doubt, wear black. Not only does it automatically add edge to your look, but it can help you appear leaner and more professional.


[1] Zara is one of the few places that doesn’t sacrifice quality for its budget-friendly prices. This store is my go-to for blazers, jumpsuits, and ready to wear items that have a minimal edge.

[2] Solestruck is the holy grail of the newest, coolest shoes. You can find anything including Syro’s first men’s heel line, UNIF‘s leather platform boots, and my favorite black creepers that are great for any occasion.

[3] 2020ave is great for staple pieces like a classic pair of jeans, boyfriend tees, or even a little black dress. This brand always has a way of putting a youthful spin on a classic staple!

[4] Topshop will always be one of my favorite one-stop shops. Starting with swimwear and summer dresses, followed by professional suits, they have it all.

[5] Above all don’t forget about thrifting. Thrift shopping is great for the wallet AND no one will be able to replicate your look. Nothing is more satisfying then hitting the thrift shop jackpot.

Visit Savannah English’s blog to learn more about her style, as well as her recommendations in beauty, music, food and home décor!


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Savannah Belle English The Grunge God Highlark



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