Camilla D'Errico Derek Cardigan Coastal Highlark Surrealist Eyewear


Camilla D’Errico was right when she speculated 2016 was going to be a big year for her- among other projects, the painter and illustrator has just released a new line of surrealist eyewear in collaboration with Derek Cardigan exclusively for online retailer Coastal (Learn more about this collection HERE). Camilla is also a self-published graphic novel author, stringing her narrative along through various outlets and forms of media, most notably, her ongoing series titled Tanpopo. Content-wise, her work centers around the enigma of personality, and the characters she creates embody this winding spectrum of emotion and expression (Be sure to check out the interview we did with Camilla last October).

Camilla D'Errico Derek Cardigan Coastal Highlark Surrealist Eyewear
Photo courtesy of Coastal

Camilla’s work with Coastal is a step in another direction, speaking to her ability to make her work relevant on different levels and to different audiences. Sometimes when artists dabble in apparel, their work is exaggerated, blown slightly out of proportion to satisfy a preconceived model. Camilla’s designs, however, are subtle without compromising the artist’s vision or her stylistic nuance, usually seen in the keen symbolism and implied relationships coloring her scenes. Above all, she has an undoubtedly modern touch, influenced by an anime vein but more ethereal and intimate.

Complementing that very freshness, Coastal presents itself as a company in touch with the mainstream, bringing customers more than their products; the site holds the latest in eyewear news, including a section featuring interviews with the individuals that work to create and personalize a flexible aesthetic.Each frame from Camilla’s limited collection corresponds to a certain print, taking hues and telling details from the original. With signed prints also available, customers can discover her work while connecting it to prospective eyewear, giving the glasses themselves a bit of a back story. Sunglasses are also available alongside the standard ware, priced at around a hundred dollars each.

The Camilla D’Errico x Derek Cardigan collaboration is all about personality- the way it makes itself known in the quietest ways and how those tidbits can make all the difference.


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Camilla D'Errico Derek Cardigan Coastal Highlark Surrealist Eyewear
Photo courtesy of Coastal


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