On January 26 at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, Katie Mitchell of Kilo Tango / Cool Girl Clothing and I attended the one year anniversary party of Sex Cells.

No, it’s not a sex party and, no, it’s not a prison reference. It’s a chic, glitzy gathering celebrating art, music and, well, sex.

Sex Cells is the sort of event that welcomes unconventional kink as much as it welcomes head-to-toe coverage. People were clad in every color, material, and amount and no one looked out of place; that’s the best part of the event. It’s about rocking out to what makes you feel sexy, not the traditional idea of sex symbolism, though there was plenty of that to boot.

Katie and I arrived to the initial image of a giant screen oscillating between footage of David Bowie, high fashion models, and an impressive latex-clad contortionist interspersed with a breathy voice saying “seeeeexxxxx ceeeeelllllsssss” behind a DJ.

staff writer Natalie Durkin by Katie Mitchell

VIP guests included Glen Danzig of Misfits and Jayme Langford of Pipe Dreams. Underworld-tinged ethereal performances by Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb!, Shannon F of Light Asylum. The show also featured DJ sets by Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus.

The entire ballroom, including the stage, was essentially a free space; not too stuffy to dance and run wild. The event is revolutionary in its conception of embracing oneself and their sexuality. Sex Cells recognizes pleasure is paramount.

sex cells

Photo from Rock NYC