Skinny Bitch Apparel Highlark

The late 1980’s and early 1990’s were the heyday of the underground raver and club kid scene. Fortunately for us fashionistas, the style and looks still remain part of our fashion culture. Skinny Bitch Apparel is keeping that spirit alive with their unique underground styles.

Their tops are definitely centered in street wear with tees and crop tops with funny graphics such as “Less Thinking More Drinking” which is a statement that is very special to me. They also have some lace and bondage inspired tops for the sassy ladies out there. Pair these tops with high-waist denim shorts, graphic leggings and even metallic booty shorts. Dresses definitely have a touch of the 90’s with printed skater styles, deep cut velvet and flowy silhouettes and boho-inspired maxi dresses just in time for festival season.

I love their vintage shop that offers an array of different looks. Pencil skirts, Mexican inspired dresses and capes, 80’s peplum dresses and much more. It’s hard to categorize their vintage shop because of the plethora of cool stuff. I particularly loved their 1950s’s floral sundress. Perfect for the coming warm months. I know what you’re thinking: florals. For spring? Groundbreaking. But trust us you’re going to want to get your hands on some summery retro looks.

Their accessories offer fun necklaces, funky hats, sky-high platform shoes and cell phone cases. There is definitely a lot more to choose from.  They even have a necklace with Aaliyah’s face on it called the Aaliyah Babygirl Chain Pendant!!! Talk about 90’s. And let’s not forget their swimwear with such fun prints it’s hard to choose just one. Our cat lover’s out there are really going to enjoy their Cat Lady shop with kitty inspired dresses, underwear and tights. They also have a Curvy Bitch category as well that offers some hot swimwear for all the buxom babes out there.

Skinny Bitch Apparel really is a brand in a class of it’s own. Unique, underground, raver, club kid and vintage inspired looks all come together to offer us fun and funky styles.


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