Stelly Clothing Highlark


Stelly is an Australian apparel brand, which began as a small boutique in Sydney in 2005. Clothes range from casual lounge wear to gear for a night out. Its website has several easy-to-navigate sections like the ‘New Years Eve collection’, filled with sparkly baubles, and dresses dabbed with champagne and white accents. A look perfect for ringing in the new year in style.

With plenty of items on sale around the clock, having a little extra in your cart at checkout is more than understandable. Coupled with the already affordable prices catering to young working individuals, you’re almost sure to find the perfect compliment, statement or staple piece.

Stelly is for those who like to push boundaries and emerge from the crowd. Crop tops and cutouts make frequent appearances in the brand, in equal parts bohemian chic and modern form fitting styles. Paisley prints, silky textures, and well designed accents create luxe touches that preserve the impression of added quality.

Although the holiday season has passed, their cute and ornate greeting cards are thoughtful and stylish at any time of year. Mixing function with fun, shaped ice cube trays and pineapple-shaped cups are only a few of the dazzling items on hand. Stelly offers a fantastic lineup full of those finishing touches that are often overlooked but truly round out any personalized living space.

To top it off, watches and other lifestyle accessories were created to tie together any look for that unique appeal, making them ideal gifts for friends, family or even yourself.

The brand stands firmly behind the message of embracing fashion for the emphasis of the individual. A message that is important in a world where things can quickly become uniform and commercialized. In a sea of similar, Stelly stands out.


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