I never had the chance to witness LCD Soundsystem live while they were still around so when the opportunity to see James Murphy perform a DJ set in Brooklyn arrived, I jumped on it. This was last Friday night at Output and it did not disappoint. While he didn’t play any of the tracks that made him famous, and supposedly never will again, it was certainly still in the same genre and vibes. Full of energy and fun he played, as best I can describe it, minimalist dance music until the sun came up (literally, I left at 4:30AM and he was still going!). The crowd was into it and you could tell even James himself was having fun. The unforgiving, continuous beats would not let anyone off the dance floor as the night rolled on.

Here’s a track from one of my favorite live albums, when LCD Soundsystem closed out their chapter to a sold out Madison Square Garden, “Someone great”. Be warned, listening to one track may cause you to become addicted and listen to whole albums, for days at a time, and jump at any chance to see him live.

To all my friends,