If you are a creative of any kind, there comes a point when you need to deal with the business side of things. It’s unavoidable and imperative in order to make a living doing what you love to do. For Story XV, VÉRITÉ gives us great insight and advice on how and what to do when it comes to handling your business. Being a photographer, I run into this dilemma often as well. There are always the photos that I want to take, and concepts I want to turn into an image. Then again, I also need to do shoots for clients and give them what they are looking for. There are gigs that sound great financially, but sometimes you need to turn them down in order to keep your integrity and vision intact. The hardest thing to do often times is simply making a decision.

I was so impressed with how resolute VÉRITÉ is with her vision. It was evident rather quickly in our conversation how smart she was and that I was talking to someone who knew exactly where she wants to go. For a lack of a better term, she’s a boss! I completely agree with her that indecision is paralyzing and one of the worst things you can do, not just in business but in life. It was inspiring to hear her story of how she got to where she is, how she puts her supporting cast together, how she deals with her finances and the business of being an independent artist. She’s excited for her upcoming album and we are too. Just listen to her latest tune “Phase Me Out” which she released this past Friday and you’ll know why. Her vocals are so powerful and it’s such a dope track!


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Verite Phase Me Out

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