Warehouse Highlark


Last Saturday night, the Bowery Ballroom was a roomful of fans milling around, sipping drinks anxiously. The venue was shrouded by an unmistakeable cloud of excitement. The night’s feature was indie artist Frankie Cosmos, but it was her opening band, Warehouse, that really revved things up. Based out of Atlanta, the five-piece is defined by singer Elaine Edenfield’s insane vocal spectrum. They’re also notable for the laid-back chemistry that radiates off every head-bobbing band member. When I arrived, about 45 minutes before Warehouse’s set, the place was packed. The group came onstage right on time, and launched right into their first track of the night.

From the get-go, it was clear that this was what most of the crowd came for. Along with the usual slight head-bopping, the crowd watched the band with genuine intent. Even people that were there for the headliner had to give in and turn their heads toward the stage. Everyone present was eager to try and figure out Warehouse’s particularly uncanny blend of growl, guitar, and chill vibes.

Edenfield didn’t talk much, but when she did, it was with a dash of Southern charm. This exemplifies the contradiction that is Warehouse—deeply rebellious in sound and image, but polite, orderly, and eager to get their music out there. Their communication onstage was second nature, and that fluidity and successful improvisation definitely rubbed off on the audience. It was nice to not only focus on the music, but to get glimpses of the process behind it.

Warehouse Highlark

Seeing Warehouse live brings attention to the simple humanity of today’s rock n’ roll: even after having grown bigger than itself, there’s room for homegrown spectacles. The band has soul and they know it, but they don’t rub it in your face. Instead, they’ll gently nudge it your way in tattered tennis shoes with the laces untied.

I’d recommend Warehouse for the easy, almost familiar comfort you’ll experience in their presence. This, laced with their hot-blooded intensity, more than guarantees a good show. Keep an eye out for Super Low, their upcoming album on Bayonet Records, and keep this hot band on your  radar.


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