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Modern vintage, a paradox that works all too well for Fear Of God‘s fourth collection. Minimalist designs paired with vintage and cutting edge styles are exactly what you need to look for this fall, as recommended by our style expert James Marriott. Jeremy Lorenzo’s fourth collection for Fear Of God takes a unique approach to the 90’s trend that’s been raging this past year. The combination of vintage 90’s inspired flannels and clean-cut contemporary shirts and pullovers creates a vibe that many designers fail to achieve, getting caught up in the heat of the trend and losing sight of their original message.

The first thing to check out before looking at the actual collection is the hauntingly beautiful short film on Fear Of God’s website. It’s short and it’s simple but it makes a statement, and a rather remarkable one. ‘‘In this fourth collection it can no longer hide behind a conversation, it has to be a statement’’ asserts Lorenzo, a powerful message that rings true when it comes to Fear Of God’s newest collection. The clothing is so much more than useless ramblings in a conversation. It can stand alone as a statement; a symbol that doesn’t need to be explained. The message behind the brand is simple, in the most sophisticated and undefined way possible.

The clothing in the newest collection may be structured beautifully but is formless and abstract, an idea within itself. It’s not a street wear brand and it’s not a designer brand either, according to Lorenzo. Fear Of God’s fourth collection is cool but it doesn’t try to be. The minimalistic qualities of the brand are surrounded by vintage and distressed pieces which almost makes the clothing in the collection an entity of their own. The distressed denim and flannels bring back memories of fashion a decade ago but it’s the styling of those pieces with timeless, modern and simple yet intricate silhouettes that really make the collection stand out. It’s all well constructed without the responsibility of being a high fashion brand.

Fear Of God’s fourth collection may not be the most affordable collection of clothing to purchase but it is more than worthy to be checked out. Lorenzo offers himself up through his pieces, bringing an honest perspective into an industry that’s much too often caught up in a vicious cycle of consumerism. Fashion has no rules and it is constantly evolving and being shaped by those who are brave enough to take hold of it and begin molding. Jeremy Lorenzo has molded quite the collection.


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Fear Of God clothing Highlark


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